Shah-Shib Group of Institutions are the only institutions that offer an extensive training program to AME students.

Students studying Aircraft Maintenance Engineering receive in-depth teaching in several colleges of the Shah-Shib Group. The training consists of theoretical sessions in the classroom and practical experiences in labs and workshops as per the curriculum laid down by DGCA.

To provide students in the aviation industry with a competitive edge, Sha-Shib Group has launched an 'Advanced Training Programme' that is available only to registered students. This programme offers students more advanced practical training. This specialised programme exposes students to an extra training regimen, preparing them for their future employment. This includes advanced training in the use of specialised equipment and systems at BMTO laboratories, hands-on training at MRO facilities, and familiarisation with the operations of Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO).

Additionally, the programme includes modules aimed at improving the student's ability to communicate. In conclusion, the Sha-Shib Advanced Training Programme gives students thorough, advanced training that helps them obtain their DGCA licence and positions them for success in the aviation sector.

The Sha-Shib Group runs colleges in several places with regulatory authority clearance. Students gain a great deal from this since it gives them access to subject matter experts who can help further, improving their understanding of the material and learning process as a whole.

The Sha-Shib Group has a large alumni network, with students situated in India and other nations. Alumni provide a vital support network for current students, serving as a steady source of encouragement through regular encounters, mentoring, and career development.

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