Fee structure of aircraft maintenance engineering
1 1) Registration fees (Non-Refundable) Rs. 25,000/-
2 1 st  Semester 1) Admission Fees:
2) Tuition Fee:
3) Uniform Fees
4) Library fees
Rs. 65,000/-
Rs. 5000/-
Rs. 5000/-
3 2 nd  Semester 1) Tuition Fees:
4 3 rd  Semester 1) Tuition Fees: Rs.65,000/-
5 4 th  Semester 1) Tuition Fees:
6 5 th  Semester 1) Tuition Fees:
2) Practical Training fees (2nd Inst.)
Rs. 116025/- +18% GST
7 6 th  Semester 1) Tuition Fees: Rs.65,000/-
Total Rs.6,25,000/- Rs. 116025/- +18% GST
Rules and Regulations

1. Expenses incurred during technical visits / Practical at out sourced facilities to the various organizations, Semester/Re-semester and DGCA Examination fees is borne by the student. (Note: The Practical fees at out sourced facilities is Rs. 116025/- +18% GST)
2. GST & other Govt. taxes (if applicable) should be paid in addition to the above- mentioned fees as per prevailing Govt. Norms.
3. Tuition fee has to be paid by 5th of every month. (If a fee is not paid on time, Rs. 100 will be charged per day as fine).
4. Fee for N.R.I. students for full course: Rs.7,00,000 /- (inclusive of registration, admission, library etc.) excluding boarding, lodging, practical & other charges.

Concessions Offered

1. Meritorious students with 90% and above in qualifying examination will be granted 10% concession on tuition fees.
2. If the total fee is paid in lump sum, 15% concession on tuition fees.
3. Based on Examinations conducted under Sha-Shib scholarship program.
*Concession will be offered only one of the above mentioned categories to the deserving candidate.

Refund Policy

1. Cancellation of registration/admission within 15 days from the date of registration/admission – 30% of fees will be deducted.
2. Cancellation of registration/admission after 15 days but before 30 days of registration/admission – 50% of fees will be deducted.
3. Cancellation after 30 days of registration/admission – No Refund.
4. Entire fees paid will be forfeited if the student(s) cancel registration/admission after attending the classes even for a day.

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