Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a critical field in the aviation industry, focusing on ensuring the safety, airworthiness, and proper functioning of aircraft. In India, the AME course is regulated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), setting standards and guidelines for training and certifying aircraft maintenance professionals. Sha-Shib Aviation Academy stands as a leading DGCA-approved AME training institute in India, offering a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of aircraft systems, structures, and engines through theoretical and practical training modules. This coursework aims to provide students with a profound understanding of aviation regulations, safety protocols, and maintenance procedures.

AMEs play a vital role in the aviation industry, finding opportunities across airlines, Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs), and aircraft manufacturing companies. With the aviation industry in India witnessing significant growth, there is an increased demand for skilled AMEs. The course at Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, with its comprehensive curriculum, practical training, and adherence to regulatory standards, prepares individuals for a challenging yet rewarding career in ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft in the Indian aviation sector.

The AME licences in categories A and B1 pertain to aeroplanes, helicopters, turbine, and piston engines, each having sub-categories. Category B2 (Avionics) is a specialised course providing in-depth knowledge of avionics systems, crucial for accessing real-time aircraft information. Sha-Shib Aviation Academy offers two main categories of courses: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B1.1 (Mechanical) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering B2 (Avionics).

Why License is Required?

No aircraft can take off without the certificate of release to service issued by appropriately authorised certifying licensed staff on behalf of the CAR-145 approved maintenance organisation. Obtaining an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s License from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is a mandatory requirement as per Rule 61 of Aircraft Rule 1937 derived from the Aircraft Act 1934 passed by the Indian Parliament.

Requirements for Obtaining Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence

After receiving training from Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, students must pass a written examination specified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. For Sub-categories B1.1 and Category B2, five years of practical aircraft maintenance experience on operating aircraft are required for obtaining a licence. Students from Sha-Shib Aviation Academy benefit from a reduction in experience requirements if they have successfully completed training in our approved maintenance organisation as part of the course syllabi.

Importance of Maintenance Experience

Attaining an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering licence involves a comprehensive course of study complemented by hands-on maintenance experience at specialised Maintenance, Repair & Overhauling Organizations (MROs). Given the technical nature of the course, the availability of robust technical infrastructure is crucial. Sha-Shib Group of Institutions, a global leader in aircraft maintenance engineering training, boasts its own MROs along with mandatory tie-ups mentioned in the Maintenance Training Organization Exposition (Of CAR 147 - Basic) with various renowned MROs.

The combination of theoretical knowledge, practical training, and industry exposure provided by Sha-Shib Aviation Academy positions candidates for success in the dynamic field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

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