Sha-Shib group has always emboldened and strengthened students to undergo BBA, B.Sc. BCA, bachelor of engineering in Aeronautics/ Mechanical/ Computer Science/ Electronics and Communication Engineering along with AME program (approved by DGCA, Govt. of India). This initiative paves the way for students to avail dual programs that are in addition to the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license opportunities and academic opportunities of graduation too.

Students after passing the degree from a recognized university will additionally equip themselves to broaden and widen their further scope in Aviation Industry beside Aircraft Maintenance Engineering(AME) field like working in DGCA, DRDO, ISRO, NAAL, HAL and furthermore, in various National & International Airlines/ Aerospace Industries/ Aircraft Manufacturing Companies.

Additionally, depending upon their subject specialization, they can function as Scientists /Engineers/ various administrative posts holders etc. as well, beside the above, students after completing this dual program i.e., AME with bachelor of engineering/ graduation program can go for their higher studies, and appear in examination like IAS, IPS or any public service examination etc. so as to brighten and heighten their career opportunities.

AME with bachelor of engineering can apply for GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Examination) as well.

A candidate who is a licensed AME with graduation/ post-graduation, after a certain period of aviation industry experience as a certifying engineer can apply for top administrative posts in MRO also.

Students, who take longer to get the licence of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, having done a degree program along with this AME course can go for higher studies in the intervening period or can seek employment otherwise, which will really keep them guided, directed and motivated.

Exclusive Dual Program: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering + Graduation

Embark on a transformative educational journey at Sha-Shib Aviation Academy with our exclusive dual program, a distinctive offering that enables students to pursue a graduation course concurrently with specialized Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at our institute. This innovative approach is designed to provide a holistic education, combining the depth of technical expertise in aircraft maintenance with the breadth of knowledge from varied academic disciplines. Students benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that not only meets aviation industry standards but also imparts a robust foundation in science, management, or technology of your choice.

Doubled Career Probabilities

This dual-program initiative is a gateway to a rewarding career, aligning graduates with a diverse spectrum of opportunities. As certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers armed with a bachelor's degree, our students will possess a unique skill set that appeals to a wide range of employers in the aviation sector. This combination of practical skills and academic depth positions you for success, ensuring that you are well-prepared to make significant contributions to the dynamic and evolving field of aviation. With this dual program, we aim to shape versatile professionals like you who stand out in the competitive landscape and are ready to excel in their chosen career paths.

Save time, Exploit the Resources

Our exclusive dual program not only provides you with a comprehensive educational experience but also offers a strategic advantage by saving valuable time. By concurrently pursuing a Bachelor's degree at Sha-Shib Aviation Academy in a subject of your choice alongside specialized Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, you optimize your academic journey. This innovative approach ensures you graduate with dual qualifications, offering a distinct edge in the competitive job market. The time-efficient nature of the program allows you to acquire diverse skills and knowledge simultaneously, streamlining your educational path without compromising on the depth and quality of learning. Upon completion, graduates emerge not only as certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers but also with a recognized graduation course/bachelor's degree, providing you with a substantial career boost and positioning as versatile professionals with a broader skill set and enhanced employability.

Why you should choose our Exclusive Dual Program

1 Time Efficiency

Our exclusive dual program allows students to save time by concurrently pursuing a Graduation course/program alongside Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. This streamlined approach enables students to earn two qualifications in a more efficient timeframe compared to pursuing these programs separately.

2 Diverse Skill Set

The dual program offers a unique blend of specialized Aircraft Maintenance Engineering skills and the broader knowledge gained from a bachelor's degree. Graduates emerge with a diverse skill set, enhancing their versatility and making them well-suited for a wide range of roles in the aviation industry.

3 Enhanced Employability

The combination of a specialized Aircraft Maintenance Engineering certification and a recognized bachelor's degree significantly enhances graduates' employability. Employers often seek professionals with a multidisciplinary background, and this dual program positions students as well-rounded candidates in the competitive job market.

4 Cost Savings

Pursuing two programs concurrently can lead to cost savings in terms of tuition, materials, and living expenses. The efficiency of the dual program allows students to optimize their educational investment while gaining a competitive edge in the workforce.

5 Accelerated Career Trajectory

Graduates of our exclusive dual program are poised for an accelerated career trajectory. The combination of specialized technical knowledge and a comprehensive academic background equips them to take on diverse roles and responsibilities, paving the way for quicker advancement within the aviation industry.

6 Industry-Relevant Synergy

The exclusive dual program is designed to foster a seamless integration of academic knowledge and practical skills, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the demands of the aviation industry.

Benefits of our Exclusive Dual Program
  • Time Optimization
  • Versatility
  • Enhanced Employability
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Accelerated Career Path
  • Integrated Learning
  • Competitive Edge
  • Networking Opportunities
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