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Air Hostess & Cabin Crew Training

  • 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
Air Hostess and Cabin Crew training

The cabin crew occupation is highly esteemed due to its unique blend of elegance and critical responsibility for guaranteeing the safety of passengers. The duty of providing outstanding customer service and ensuring customers' comfort and security throughout their flights falls on cabin crew personnel.

Cabin crew members have the opportunity to travel to new places and widen their experiences during their careers. While on duty, airline crew members get the rare chance to explore the world, learn new languages, go to unexplored nations, and broaden their knowledge and skill set. Immersed in luxury, they spend the night in the best hotels that their locations have to offer, sometimes with reduced or airline-paid access to hotel services.

Additionally, airlines provide their crew members the opportunity to live and work from several base stations. This allows them to ask for transfers to any location where the airline has a base centre and set up shop there. This is but one of the several benefits that crew members enjoy. Apart from the travelling, and attractive lifestyle, they also get a multitude of perks when they're not working, such as free or heavily discounted tickets for international travel and discounted rates on five-star hotels. Some airlines even go so far as to provide their crew members with discounts on base city store purchases and free lodging with no outstanding bills for those who work for certain foreign carriers.

Every airline offers a different set of benefits to its employees. Common perks include free or heavily discounted tickets to any airline-served location for crew members and their immediate families, discounted or free medical care for crew members and their families, and a provident fund. In addition to providing outstanding customer service, members of the cabin crew are trained to manage a variety of medical and safety problems while in flight, guaranteeing that customers are taken care of. All things considered, it's a very sought-after and envied vocation. The rewards and privileges available to cabin crew members may differ based on the airline where they work and are subject to alteration at the carrier's discretion.

Benefits of Pursuing the course

Highly compensated position: In exchange for their passenger services, airlines pay their cabin crew workers a substantial salary. Indian airlines pay generous compensation packages, which can treble for those working for foreign carriers. Crew members receive a starting wage that increases based on their level of experience. Benefits for Employees: Free or heavily discounted aircraft tickets are provided to cabin crew members for travel to any location offered by the airline they work for. Depending on the airline's restrictions, their immediate family members can also be eligible for this advantage. Leave policies and off-duty schedules are set up by industry best practices.

Career Advancement - After the probationary period, crew members are assessed and promoted depending on their performance and level of seniority within the company. Career growth follows a quick trajectory. Promotions follow a hierarchical structure and can eventually lead to prestigious ground posts, including department directors or members of the safety/service inspection crew, among others.

Medical Coverage: Employees of cabin crew are eligible for a range of benefits, including free or significantly reduced healthcare services for themselves and their immediate family.

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