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Kochi, Kerala could be considered as the ideal place for undergoing aviation technical courses. The state with 100% literacy has been performing great in various sectors including aviation. The hospitable populace, farsighted development plans, excellent educational infrastructure including schools, colleges and academies, and a conducive environment for education are features that Kerala possesses.

People around the world have admired the social life of Kerala. It has been welcoming citizens from around the country and the world without any discrimination of colour, caste, creed or religion. Imbibing the goodness of every culture, you can witness an amalgamation of various customs and traditions. Kerala is the epitome of unity in diversity, the spirit of India.

Tourists around the world have selected Kochi as the trending city. With the maximum tourist footprint in Kerala, Kochi is truly a metro city. The students can witness exponential developments around them whilst undergoing an aviation course at Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, Kochi. Certain important facts about Kochi and Kerala are enumerated below:

High Literacy Rate

Kerala leads in literacy and educational standard among the states in India. The people here are well informed and knowledgeable. Hence, interaction and socialising can add to the overall development of the student.

International Airports

Even though one of the smaller states, Kerala has 04 international airports. I.e. Trivandrum, Kochi, Kannur and Calicut. The students can have adequate exposure to aircraft operations, ground handling and all the activities related to the aviation sector.

Tourism Sector

Kerala's tourism sector has observed a quantum leap. The number of international and domestic tourists arriving in Kochi has been rising each year. The increase in the number of tourists results in an unprecedented rise in aviation operations. Thus, causing enormous growth in the aviation sector.

Medical Tourism

Kerala has a well-established medical infrastructure. The hospitals, clinics and medical centres are installed with advanced technical equipment for diagnosis and treatment. In addition to Ayurveda treatment, for which Kerala is renowned. Besides, the medical expense in the state is also comparatively less. This has been the reason for foreigners arriving in Kerala for treatments of various issues.

International Connectivity

The state is connected with almost all countries in the Middle East and other parts of the world. There are daily and weekly flights connecting Kerala with main destinations across the globe. The flight operations necessitate ample ground support to function efficiently. This gives Kerala, an upper hand with respect to the aviation industry.

God's own Country

Kerala offers a safe environment to stay. With an educated and knowledgeable society, the students, including those from other states, can stay safe and concentrate solely on their studies. The availability of accommodation according to one's choice is another factor that needs no emphasis. Kerala has been welcoming guests with open hands since ages.