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The Open Sky policy and UDAN scheme initiated by the India Government has resulted in a surge of new players in the aviation industry. Indian aviation space has become one of the fastest-growing in the world presently. Setting up of new airports and the arrival of new aircraft has been adding employment opportunities to AME candidates.

A few facts about aviation:

Indian aviation is the third-largest domestic market across the globe. It is growing rapidly to become the largest aviation sector in the world shortly. This will entail more AME license holders to meet the requirement.

40% of Indian airspace is still remaining to be utilised. The scenario amplifies the possibilities for future growth.

Government's policies towards turning India to become a global hub for Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul of aircraft and its components is conducive for a wide expansion of the aviation sector.

More cargo hubs like Mihan, Nagpur are expected in the near future.

India has a large number of airports including 124 airports owned by the Airport Authority of India. Other key players own 340 airports/airstrips. Further, developments are being undertaken at several airports/ airstrips across India.

Presently, there are 91 domestic/ international airlines operating in the country. Expecting a huge rise in operators soon in coming years.

UDAN Regional Connectivity Scheme envisages the growth of regional air transport

Number of MROs and Aviation Technical Publications are increasing considerably. Thus, adding to career opportunities.

Adequately qualified and licensed AMEs are shortage in airlines in India and overseas. In addition, MROs are also waiting for qualified B 1, B 2 licenced AMEs.

India is foreseeing the rise of International airports. There will be more than 200 airports in the next 10 years.

Key players in Indian business arena are investing in aviation. This includes Tata, Adani, Reliance and Mahindra.

There are several more reasons. However, if we concise it the following is the answer:

  • Career opportunities around the world
  • Job with status
  • Job security is assured in such a growing industry