Introduction to Our Mentors

Name/Appointment Qualification Current Position Experience Modules to be covered
Mr. Priyesh Mishra AME BAMEC IN HA,JE Training Manager 11YRS B1.1
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bakshi Indian air force Quality Manager 22 years ........
Mr. Goparaj. P.R Indian Navy Examination Manager& Instructor B1.1(Mechanical 27 years B1.1
Mr. V.Kousik AME BAMEL (LA,HA,JE) Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 17 years B1.1
Mr. V.l.Babu IAF (Airframe Fitter) Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 26 years B1.1
Mr. Sivasankaran Nair IAF(Engine Fitter) Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 7 years B2
Mr. Mathew BSC(Mechanical ENGINEERING)BAMEL(HA,JE) Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 37years B1.1
Mrs. Anu Augustine Diploma in electronics engg, AME(Paper I &II),BSC in AME Instructor B2(Avionics) 47 years B1.1
Mrs. Meenu Prakash BSC,AME(Paper I &II) BSC,AME(Paper I &II) 10 years B2
Ms. Nainu AME(Paper I &II) Instructor B2(Avionics) 7 years B2
Mr. Anto Varghese AME(Paper I &II) Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 11 years B1.1
Mr. Ramnivas A M.E. Aeronautical Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 5 years B1.1
Mr. Augustine M. Tech Aerospace Eng, AME BAMEL(PE) Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 4 years B1.1
Mr. Nand Lal Gupta AME (Paper I,II&III) ES,IS&RN BSC in Physics Instructor B2 (Avionics) 6 years B1.1
Mr. Vijay S B.E. Aeronautical Instructor B1.1(Mechanical) 2 years B2
Mr. Ajmal K K AME Instructor B2 (Avionics) 3.5years B1.1
Mr. Thomas ITI Workshop 12 years Mechanical Shop
Ms. SimimolTomy AME Demonstrator 3 years Avionics Shop